Ceptinel: Risk Manager


Our tool permanently monitors your business activities and notifies you when high priority events are discovered. Thought for C-levels in operations, risk management, compliance and marketing areas.

About Us

We are a FinTech company based in Chile, founded in 2016 and specialized in regulatory technology (RegTech).

We are focused on providing financial institutions with monitoring tools and support for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our team are conformed by a group of engineers and analysts with experience in financial area, who have participated as service providers for areas of Information Technology, Commercial Management and Business Management.

Undoubtedly we are a team apasionated for technology, we put all of our experience and professionalism at the disposal of every project , but the most important are our values: collaborative teamwork, agile methodologies, innovation at different levels of the company, continuous improvement, integrity and ethics.

Why Ceptinel?

We offer a control tool, transversal to every department within your business, for high priority events.


A permanent flow of the most relevant events within your business, in real time.


Have a better understanding of your company’s processes and on-demand health status.


By detecting suspicious activities in real time.


Proactively detect tendencies and/or anomalies in your operational systems.


Optimize your decision making processes and improve your efficiency.


Our tool adapts to each client characteristics, creating a solution that solves your business unique problems.

How does it work?

Ceptinel is based on the CEP Technology (Complex Events Processing), a model of flow processing or streaming, which allows events to be processed as they occur.

In this way our solution was built; able to connect to different sources of information, processing it with a CEP engine that applies rules based on criteria defined by the client, giving an useful response to make decisions, all this in real time.

CEP has techniques of:

Detection of patterns • Abstraction of processes driven by events • Filters of events • Transformation and grouping • Modeling and hierarchy • Detection of relationships (causality, affiliation, time) between events.

Ceptinel: Risk Manager in de world

Ceptinel interface

Ceptinel: Risk Manager

Menu Description

Here you can access our systems buggest features.

Event Log

Processed events count, classified by priority.

Cases Graph

In-study cases count, classified by status.

Alert Ranking

Alert count, classified by the kind of event that triggered it.


Current status of the system data inputs.

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Business Verticals


  • Monitoring / Market Abuse
  • Fraud Control and Money Laundering
  • Normative compliance

Stock Exchange

  • Market Surveillance
  • Operations Automation
  • Normative Compliance

Operational Risk

  • Security of the information
  • Operational Risk Unit
  • Normative compliance

Fund Administrators

  • Investment Funds and Mutual Funds
  • Compliance and Regulation Funds
  • Operations Management Control

Insurance Administrators

  • Compliance Surveillance
  • Analytics Data Management
  • Internal control

Bussiness Allies


RAMON HEREDIAEcosystem Innovation Director

GrupoComponente -

JULIO CORREAExecutive Director UDD Ventures

Ceptinel has a huge potential impact in the finances industry. Here in UDD Ventures we believe that they can change the way in which compliance departments work and grow to be an unprecedented success.

JUAN CORTÉSDirector, Business Ops BlackRock.

Ceptinel has developed a software that allows monitoring relevant variables in the regulatory compliance field, raising alarms that anticipate and delivers effective management tools to keep them under control. This is important in these times, where transparency and good execution is a basic requirement for those who work in the banking / financial world.