Monitoring / Market Abuse
Fraud Control and Money Laundering
Normative compliance

The ability of Ceptinel Risk Manager to implement Business Rules on sensitive information for your business and capture it in real time, allows to be a tool of great help in the follow-up of your operations.

Alerts in process of Intermediation Actions

We inform opportunely about “unethical” behaviors in operations of intermediation of the Variable Income Market, supporting the transparency policies of your business.

Use of Privileged Information

Reports in a timely manner cases that show the use of privileged information by those who participate in securities intermediation. Ceptinel Risk Manager applies rules in real time on PEP Lists, Black Lists and Operational Data to determine this type of cases.


It informs in a timely manner the existence of operations that respond to a price manipulation case. Ceptinel Risk Manager connects to the Market Data hired by your company and, watching the market, is able to help you find this type of case.


In the case of money laundering through financial entities, Ceptinel Risk Manager implements rules on sensitive and key information to determine, in real time, if there are financial operations that require to be informed to the auditing entities for a more detailed review.

Fund Administrators

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Operational Risk

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Stock Exchange

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