Investment Funds and Mutual Funds
Compliance and Regulation Funds
Operations Management Control

In support of the daily management processes of Mutual Funds, Ceptinel Risk Manager acts as a tool for automation and process monitoring, applying business rules to alert in case of regulatory noncompliance.


Ceptinel Risk Manager can Automate the process of Delivery of Information to the Controller: through a mesh of processes; allows to execute tasks of publication of normative reports in a loading interface provided by the regulator. This in support of compliance with the regulatory process.

Investment Limits

Evaluates in real time information of investment portfolios to alert excesses in Investment Limits
It monitors investment policies: according to the investor’s profile information and the instrument’s risk classification, it is possible to avoid exposing the client’s equity to investments that are not according to their profile.

Data quadratures

Ceptinel Risk Manager is able to connect to different sources of information and automate processes of Quadratures of Positions of a Portfolio and / or quadrature of Fund participants, facilitating the closing of daily operations.


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